Rewarding Positions

Commuter lump sum, domestic services and child care, the new year is not yet two months old. However, it says already for many to leave still reminisce about the past year. At least, what concerns the financial and the related tax return. The finance portal has 2009 compiled the most important tips for the tax. There are three key issues that should ask everyone for filling out the tax return: how long is my commute? Have I 2009 employs a maid, a craftsman or a gardener in my house? Costs by the day care for my children? In these areas, citizens benefit if they claim the items in their tax return. In particular, this means that cents per kilometre tax may be used for the work route 30. It is irrelevant whether the trail bike, train or in the car has been set aside. With regard to costs for handyman or cleaning ladies, it is possible, claimed a total of up to 4000 euro make.

For a single service, however a maximum of 1200 euros may be applied. In turn, this sum may not exceed 20% of the total invoice. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala on most websites. Finally, parents have the opportunity for every child that is maintained during the day to pull off 6000 euros from the tax. It is essential that money is disbursed never cash. The tax office, namely, reserves the right for all post transfer receipts and invoices to claim.