Relax Your Muscles

Are more subtle body and, of course, more dangerous. When you are aware of your thoughts, you will astound you discover what is happening within you. If you write down what is happening in your mind all the time, you’ll get a big surprise. You do not believe what is happening inside you. Alcyone on the other hand, about meditation not noted, that this should be accepted as essential to individual therapy and group science. Help to become a creative genius in the world and to have peace of mind all the time. Therapists begin and end with relaxation, while the science of meditation deepens much more than that.

When experience deep relaxation methods, is to know that all they guide us gradually to self control, even if the practitioner is not aware of this fact. Too much relaxation without self control can become harmful. If you allow the muscles remain relaxed for a long time, they may lose their natural tone. In addition, the relaxation based on suggestions is not part of the meditation. During meditation, the physiology of muscle, nervous system and various functions of the mind are brought to a State of balance and tranquility.

That relaxation provided by conscious about voltage control and relaxation is the correct method. Relaxation is necessary for meditation, but not those based on suggestion. We must not forget that when the mind and its modifications are controlled through meditation, says Alciones, you can enjoy inner serenity and fulfill own duties properly. Only through meditation you can consciously take contact with our hidden potential. To become creative and dynamic, meditation is very important. A man who meditates understands gestures, emotions, thoughts and desires of others. You are alert at all times at all levels. To the extent that management identifies with the scope of meditation, their results will be good.