Being thus, the Psycotherapy is a process of aid, personal development and self-knowledge, that the increase of the perception promotes that the individual has exactly of itself. Already the Coaching has as focus auxiliary those that, until perhaps satisfied with its lives, search to still reach bigger resulted. This work appeared of the esportiva area, where coach has one (technician in English), that it assists its athlete to reach its bigger performance. Currently, the Coach (professional of Coaching) acts in all the areas: Staff (health and disposal, intellectual development, emotional balance), Businesses & Career (personal accomplishment, financial intention and mission, resources and social contribution), Relationships (family, loving relationship and social life) and Quality of Life (creativity, hobbies and diversion, fullness and happiness), aiming at always to get growth and excellency. For in such a way, the work of the Coach next to coachee (customer of Coaching) is, among others things, to establish goals, to discover its values, to keep the motivation, to identify to strong and weak points and the way to deal with the same ones, to create new plans of action, to defy the ultraticket of limitations, to assist in the track route to the prosperity. Through the reinforcement of some capacities and abilities such as: auto-confidence (auto-they esteem), communication, leadership, negotiation, among others and also of the reprogramming of thoughts and emotions of form to remain itself positive; it is possible to transform attitudes (that they can be you stanch, or not congruentes with objectives) surpassing possible limitantes beliefs and assisting in the track to the prosperity. Can be concluded that both the boardings, each one its way, aim at the growth of the person, helping it to improve it its innate resources and to acquire new resources, supplying to it possibilities of, a reorganized time, to follow in continuous development, with autonomy.