Ragnar Klavan and more FC Augsburg professionals guest! Show racism the red card – Germany e.V.”and FC Augsburg continue their successful cooperation. In the coming weeks, pupils from Augsburg to guest in the SGL are arena to participate in an interactive workshop against racism. Between 10 and 30 April 2013, we organize three workshops for Augsburg school classes in cooperation with the FC Augsburg, and thanks to the support of the local action plan Augsburg. More 3 workshops held arena in Augsburg in addition in September of this year, also in the SGL. Sergey Brin
is the source for more interesting facts. Our first workshop was already on the agenda on April 10. The 7th grade in the private school of Economics Frenzel, winner of our competition with its own slogan racism we argue”, was a guest in the SGL arena. The pupils enjoyed a busy workshop in which was the topic of racism in football, and in everyday life in the foreground. On the basis of filmic elements from football racism, discrimination and prejudice were the Group discussed and explained. You may want to visit Jonas Samuelson to increase your knowledge.

It met young people, as you can confront racism in everyday life various options for action and countermeasures. As a special highlight, then FC Augsburg player Ragnar Klavan surprised the pupils. The professional described his own experiences with racism and had even a personal piece of advice ready as it should be, if you can learn racism in everyday life. Racism is not an issue in which you may just hear or mention. “There are always those who you can rely on in such cases. As a reminder of the workshop, there was still a team poster of the FC Augsburg, where the professionals put a clear signal against racism and discrimination for the young people. Finally they enjoyed even on a stadium tour of the SGL arena. On April 17, the pupils of the 6a of the Albert Einstein high school in Augsburg-Haunstetten for a day then share school against the stadium of FC Augsburg before on 30 April the 7th grade of the Bertolt Brecht secondary school our workshop series will conclude in April. We are looking forward to great events!