NSi Increases Sales By Fifty Percent

Business success for manufacturers of recognition and workflow software Wetzlar, 05 September 2012 with a sales increase of 50 percent compared with the previous year NSi completes now 2012 its fiscal year, which ended on June 30, 2012. The increase was due to significantly higher license sales with proprietary software, maintenance and services revenue in the sales regions of North America, Europe, and Latin America. Alone in the year 2012, NSi won more than 5,000 new customers. Thus, now over 13,000 companies use the NSi AutoStore’s core product. NSi is profitable and has a positive cash flow in all sales regions. Europe and the Middle East (EMEA) are managed by the NSi Europe GmbH, headquartered in Wetzlar, Hesse. Over the last four years, the software manufacturer reached a stable annual growth rate of 40 percent, which allows for further expansion. We could put a phenomenal growth the fourth year in a row and achieve far above-average revenues”, sums up Mehdi Tehranchi, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of NSi.

Thus, we are well positioned to serve the growing demand for applications to the decentralised collection. “And we will gain more customers by bringing innovative new products to the market, which significantly improve daily business processes and streamline operational processes.” NSi’s success confirmed trend towards decentralised capture the development of the market for acquisition software in favour of decentralised situational applications in technical jargon as transactional capture referred to. Compared to the batch scanning, organizations reach a higher productivity and financial advantages which they shift scanning processes in the actual processing. Also the last report by Forrester research about multichannel capture documents this trend. The analysts evaluate the so-called on-demand capture (recording on demand) as the fastest growing segment in the acquisition market as a whole. Harvey Spencer, by Harvey Spencer Associates, expressed a similar in his latest report, after the document capture about multifunction devices (MFP) contributes significantly to the growth of the decentralised collection. The segment is growing according to the estimates by 25% in the year. In contrast, NSi reached twice.

The positive performance of the company correlates success factors with a significant diversification of distribution channels. So the software manufacturer could win more independent distributors in the United States and Europe as well as expand major OEM contracts with various MFP manufacturers in Japan. More engines of growth represent the increased involvement in selected sectors, such as health and public administration, as well as the release of NSi AutoStore, published in January 2012 6.0 to the expansion referred the NSi a much larger building in Rockville, Indiana United States/Maryland recently, and continuously increased the number of employees at various locations such as also in Wetzlar.