Meire Ane

We decide I and my together colleague who the convivncia would be the solution in the attempt to conciliate house-son-work-study of the best possible form resulting of this union many critical ones, reflections, constructions, joys and sadnesses, however moved for one only passion: to make education with love and commitment offering to the child affection, rich and significant fancy, magic and activities for its life. In such a way in the first contact with the children the construction of a circus was proposal in the wheel for the trainees that was received by the pupils with enthusiasm. We immediately afterwards deal with to the life that cinereous environment without no attractive one for the learning of the children and thus we were together with the educandos constructing cantinho of the reading, makes of it of account, sciences and in the deep one of the room we start the assembly of an enormous circus under the approval and enthusiasm of all group. In the generality the children were very active and constantly they were become involved in conflicts between them, some were not concentrated during activities, however one in particular in them called attention and were presented as a great challenge for the trainees: Meire Ane was menorzinha of the room, did not speak, but to each action ours it destrua what we and the other pupils went constructing, not it participated of the activities, it did not seat in the wheel, it did not interact with the trainees and the colleagues, it tore books of cantinho of the reading, did not only speak attacked and destrua everything, always with the hair in disorder, silence to make pranks a thousand. Certain occasion when all were seated in the wheel it caught a broom and started to pass in our heads was the first signal, good to the style of it, that it wanted to participate of the wheel.