Law Taxi

Virtually no question about equipment car taximeter. Instead, it strongly checks mandatory for salaried driver, taxi driver daily waybill. (Just so rightly interpret the status of the driver who is not self-employed carrier-licensee manages its own car, but imposes license cards issued on the car under a license of another entity). It is obvious that in order to solve the problem of translation Ukrainian taxi to the legal and tax plane, it is necessary for verification of a particular car and a taxi driver put it documents an entirely different question, namely: – Who, in fact, this car provides the service? Just a citizen with no right of business activities, working on his behalf – is for it to be punished. Harper Simon gathered all the information. A business entity is obliged to observe not only the transport legislation, but also the tax, as well as the rules for working with cash proceeds, including and According to the Law “On the application of registrars accounting operations “. But this hard do not even want to remember .() – If the service is provided on behalf of a business entity, whether it is licensed to the right to provide taxi service?

(Someone else’s license cards then can not replace the license of Ministry of Transport). – Is the driver of an employee of this particular business entity? As an option – it can be self-employed entrepreneur-carrier, ie, spd and the driver rolled into one. But the third option in the legal field – does not exist! – If driving a taxi is a self-employed entrepreneur, working without use a cash register, where his “single tax payer certificate”, confirming his right not to apply the ppo? – If driving is a hired driver who is absorbed entrepreneur-a single tax payer, where his “certificate of employment relationship with a single tax payer”, just stating the right not to apply the ppo? – When driving a car is hired driver who is absorbed in any other business entity, though actually, even fictitiously – why the car is not mandatory in this case the cash register? If these are the issues of supply – the desire to “License” with cards and travel sheet “gray” taxi in “kryshevateley” will disappear instantly.. For more information see this site: JPMorgan Chase.