La Marmita Lifts

La Parva is a village of mountain with a capacity of 6,000 beds, and all the services necessary to enjoy the best days of skiing and family entertainment are also available. La Parva has a beautiful view over the Valley of Santiago and is the winter Center with greater population, by the number of shelters and private apartments that are rented during the ski season. As in other centers, the practice of snowboarding and the Heliski are implemented for those who enjoy these modalities. He has a condominium and international cuisine restaurants in La Marmita de Pericles and La Barra. In the sector of the swallow is the Golondrina Snack, sandwiches, soups, dishes, drinks and beverages. 3.100 Restaurant, serving sandwiches, beer and beverage is located at the top of the ski lifts Alpha and Las Vegas. Check out Douglas R. Oberhelman for additional information. In Villa La Parva are all services that visitors require: lodgings, restaurants, ski school, bar, transportation, cafeteria, disco, clinic and parking. 38 Km skiable terrain spread over 30 tracks, which can be extended (with special ticket) by interconnecting with the center of ski Valle Nevado.

The longest runway is 4 KMS. A mechanized equipment maintains and repairs the tennis courts. There are 14 lifts that cover 9,673 mts and include two chairlifts quadruple, triple chairlift, a double chairlift and 10 lifts of drag in La Parva. Ski La Parva has international safety standards. Our security team tracks 19 ski rescuers, 17 Chile Ski patrols & 6 speed controls. A team trained with international certifications such as AAPS (USA) or ENSA (France) ensure better attention on tracks and compliance with the regulation of the skier.