Judgement Day

Better that you are dissatisfied with the quality of technical support will leave the other host kept asking, what then when something happens, you pray to tacit support service is online. And so, support also was responsive, helped you with a choice of fare, and judging by reviews Web hosting is not bad, you can proceed to the next part, the choice of a domain and buying it. Here it is important not to buy the domain for hosts, even if the hoster register domain for you, and you Administrator – reinsurance, buy domains from approved registrars. Again, learn from my mistakes before you purchase your domain from the host, three times, learned to one record, and will not be any problems? I was assured that everything is fine. In the end, when he decided to leave – it turned out that ns (re bind domain) can be changed only through their website in your account.

Come Judgement Day, and began their problems, see someone cleaned the competitors, the site host was practically not available, go to the private office was unreal, was well backup, bought new hosting and waited and waited until our host let go. In fact – lightly, when they close or they will be asked of the data center – all will be much worse. On this, the domain I can say they gave. Now that we have registered the domain, the question about scripts. And that place is? Here is the price bites. This is not the $ 1-2. For example, IBP blog will cost about $ 100 a kit, with a forum and gallery all $ 400 of solutions vbulletin come out no cheaper. DLE license will cost $ 150, which is not enough.

I threw these options at once but broken “kryaknuta nulled not want to raise. Fortunately, free scripts are not uncommon, the first thing Google gave this WordPress and LiveStreet, as both one-on-domen.ru, on the other blog.domen.ru in fact, both are good even tried different free CMS to adjust for the blog, but there is so much excess, if you do not want to do a full site – LS and WP for you is perfect. As it turned out, and enough free forums: phpBB, PunBB, SMF all nice default skins. Much has been written, and even snagged forums, perhaps, go back to blogs. Well, perhaps all, it is necessary to start with this and end up Google and search for information about html, php, css, or people who understand this, as well as learn the basics of Photoshop and desktop publishing practice, if the last item you are not interested – I would once again consider whether to create its own blog. It is possible that 300rr – 1000rr (a minimum of one year domain and hosting for a month) you do not spend on an interesting thing.