Jacques Chenot

Diseases of the spine – not will be no exception. In addition, the actual effect already discussed above aspects, such as the possible displacement located inside of a change in their operation, the deterioration of blood circulation and so on, changing the shape Spine advise how to treat a more timely and efficiently. At present we know very significant number of techniques and methods of treatment of scoliosis. This corrective procedure, and even surgical intervention in the case of far come diseases. Of course, before operations are best not to bring, because very common were and are so N. conservative way, in the middle of which – the various restraints corsets.

While braces can be made either passively supporting and actively engaged in the correction. An example of such corrective corset – corset Chenault, who has over forty years successfully operated in many countries not only to maintain the spine in the best condition, but also for the immediate treatment of such diseases. The work of French orthopedic surgeon Jacques Chenot with its structure of 48 regions of correction spine was so successful that it is used specialists throughout the world. Solid jacket provides the ability to move only in directions that are optimal for improvement, which gives a chance getting the best results with the minimum number of investments. Corsets Chenault operated as a child to be healed of scoliosis, and for mature people. But, of course, it is reasonable to remember the physical mobility and more perform physical exercises. And, of course, even in extremely tired position to support your posture. It is said that the position of the torso in a serious degree depends not only on our appearance, but also the well-being. Thus, more active now! Head above, straighten your spine! And – go ahead, to the well-being and preuspevaemosti!