International Days

December (Lat. December) – the first month of winter, the twelfth month of the Gregorian calendar. The tenth month old Roman year beginning before the reform of Caesar in March. The name was derived from the Latin. Decem – ten. After the shift, beginning of the year to January was the twelfth and final month of the year.

For each of us is a special month of December. This month we aim to complete all-all unfinished business to enter into the new year confident and free from unnecessary worries. What holidays in December are to remember them? In fact, in December, not so many important dates, but such as "Constitution Day" and "energy day" certainly worth paying attention. Well, if you are Catholic, then December for you undoubtedly one of the most important months of the year. So International Days of December: December 1 – Day of aids (English) 10 December – Human Rights Day. Russian holidays in December: December 12 – Constitution Day, 22 December – Day of Energy. Christian holidays of December: December 25 – Christmas on the Gregorian calendar.

From the experience of observing our ancestors emerged folk omens, which gives an indication of the weather throughout the year, watching the weather in December. Folk omens of December: If the December dry – spring and summer will be dry. If this month's cold and snowy, with ineyami and wind – is crop. If a lot of frost, snow and frozen ground – this is also a harvest. If you rolled the snow in December, right next to the gate – summer will be no harvest; If Paramon (December 12) morning with good weather, the whole of December will be clear. If it is blowing a blizzard, then the weather will continue until the feast of St. Nikola (19 December). If Spyridon (24 – 25 December) the sun appears and the "game", then on Christmas and New Year expect good weather. If the (29 December) falls a lot of frost – on Christmas and New Year will fall in deep snow. Well, if this day strike frost – cold hold out until the Epiphany. If the horse lies in team – to the snow. If the hills a lot of snow piled up – will be ready in summer strawberries duhovito. So in the end become a bit of Russian folklore Proverbs and Sayings of December: December year ends, winter begins. December – winter hat. December and tile, and zagvozdit and sleigh will move. In December, winter spreading canvas, and cold bridges. December – on the ground all winter studio. December – the month of fierce, asked how booted. December snow flatters the eye, ear, let the frost breaks. December asking that summer supplies.