Human Payrollong

With its Human Services eLand and Human Payrrolling firm today working elbow to elbow with some of the most important companies established in the country.Human eLand is an outsourcing service technology that allows you to manage a company’s human capital. Its scope includes: human resources, management of personnel, recruitment and selection, training salaries and compensations, hygiene and safety, planning and development. Control times, assists, permissions, overtime, dining room. Payroll: payments, statements, social insurance, vacations, budgets, savings fund and caja de ahorros. Distributed management: functions of managers and supervisors, employee information and job via web kiosk. Interconnections: interfaces to the IMSS, ISSSTE, banks, companies of vouchers and ERPS. Knowledge Base online containing best practices business in Mexico both payroll and HR. Jorge Kramis explains the operation of this service: put two datacenters with the entire infrastructure, we are responsible for its continuous updating and our customers processed information, to make the operation more efficient.

For example, the payroll area in a company of one thousand 600 employees only need two people to process and be eliminates the area of IT support. Income by connections scheme allows access via internet according to each user’s roles: HR personnel, payroll, managers, supervisors and all employees of the organization. Kramis highlights the advantages of this option: do not purchase hardware, or software and not pay maintenance; you don’t have to be applying new updates or patches. If there is a change in the country’s labor laws adapt immediately to the. For its part, Human Payrrolling is an outsourcing service where VenturesSoft manages the area of payroll from the client, processing and calculating all of your information. With it, a company forgets his Department’s payroll, associated costs and surcharges by bad preparation of statements.

Human Payrollong this based on the scheme of Human eLand, therefore does not require software or hardware at the customer’s premises. Also while VenturesSoft processed payroll information, the client can use the products targeting R.H, thus there is an integrated database. Another advantage is that customer can consult all payroll information in real time, eliminating the dependence that exists with current service providers. The best of these products is that the cost is extremely cheap, because it should not purchase anything, concludes Kramis.