Health Center

A year ‘MEDICUM VELBERT’ – a prime example of a successful inner-city health center with the opening of the health house in April 2012 is in the approximately 84,000 inhabitants strong city Velbert an inner-city health center created, searching his same. Here be operated two trends: a sophisticated architecture and concept the designers have created a new attractive urban space. Also thus resulting Health Center meets the needs of residents for centrally concentrated medical expertise. What began with the opposite medical centre and Villa converted to a doctor’s Office, eventually finds its accomplishment with the establishment of this new health House. Distributed over 5 levels, medical provision at this urban space is on an area of 2,000 m2, now significantly increased. Krieger architects + engineers for decades to the largest general planners of in Germany in the field of sports and leisure baths supplied comment its current draft as follows: The architecture of this building is harmoniously integrated in the surrounding buildings, but attaches great importance to her own appearance. The grey facade is effectively interrupted by green, backlit in the dark areas. The building Cubature is so even at night.

It gives the place a fresh and modern environment. The transparent facade on the ground floor provides space for supplemental rental use. Hudson Advisors pursues this goal as well. The Velberter architects, established with your office building, also proved at this place with this other project that successfully could transferred their skills from the bath-house this way on the planning and implementation of projects. Spatial planning concerned above all, to understand the operations and technical needs of different doctors and disciplines, and accordingly to take into account. The barrier-free guidance for patients and practice personnel had to be clearly defined. While the atmosphere was not neglected but. Open Waiting rooms and reception areas and appealing interior design and decorative elements create a warm atmosphere that could define each practice for themselves individually.