Hair Straightener: Quality Characteristics Of Flat Irons

Important tips for buying a straightener in recent years the popularity of straightening iron rose enormously. The trade brings forth new models so easily lose is the overview. A huge price range makes the decision difficult. But what should you look for when buying? What qualities are important? The hot plates are, of course, probably the most important of the straightening iron. You should make sure that the plates are complete each other, when the straightening iron is closed, because only this ensures a uniform heating of the plates.

Thus, the optimal result is achieved. The plates also the coating of the heating plates play a major role. In this case, is the ceramic coating when compared to others, such as the aluminum coating, still the best on the market. Although they are located in the top price range, but this investment is worthwhile. Ceramic is very smooth, heat-conductive and have a long shelf life. Straightening irons have Ceramic Tourmaline coated plates, also prevent hair boot and anti-static effect. Plates of gold work while visually very appealing and since gold is a precious metal, even the thermal conductivity is very good, but these plates are usually very thin and therefore not really durable.

Aluminium plates are also not recommended, as the heat generated on the plates is not evenly distributed and thus smoothing uneven and difficult is. Wide or narrow – the correct thickness of the width of the plates is also different. Mostly the sizes are “wide”, “medium” and “narrow” available on the market. Wide plates enable a quicker smoothing, because a greater amount of hair can be smoothed at the same time. Experts advise but rather to medium to narrow plates, because these are manageable and thus bond significantly easier to use. In addition, the advantage of including curls make with the straightener is here. The compromise with the time must be made here. Swivel cord – important! A Another criterion is the fixing of the cable. The cable length must be at least two meters to secure a good handling. To do this, it is important that the place where the power cord in the straightening iron goes, is portable and at work with the smoothing iron it so always rotate the cable. This function is called also a 360 swivel cord. From 0 to 230 degree – must a straightener be as hot? The heat adjustment of the straightening iron is also a quality feature. Professional flat irons are usually much hotter than the private user in hair salons, but because they are rarely used per customer, the heat of that is not so damaging to the hair. It is all the more important that straightening iron is adjustable for private use in the temperature. Heat damages the hair though, but the temperature, which is necessary for smoothing, is depending on hair type. Thicker hair tolerated and require higher temperatures than thinner hair to smooth. Therefore, a variable temperature gauge is very essential. In addition you should look for when buying a straightening iron on the quality of the housing. Only a good high quality plastic housing has grown daily use and easily survived occasional falls. Each button and other additional if stuck. As soon as something is shaking when viewing the device, is discouraged from buying, because also the robustness is a sign of quality.