Golden Ring Cities

Again, having worked six months and waiting for holidays to you question, where is a holiday? Thailand, Bali, Morocco And then realize that to rest now, just no money, because in response to the crisis was simply the cost of permits space, and salaries for some reason it all the time just crept down. And learning from friends and clambered almost the entire Internet in search of a suitable option, you know, that has long wanted to visit the cities of gold rings, see beauty of Russian heartland. But what? And what there to do? This will help our site. Here are collected all of the most intriguing itineraries, each of the Golden Ring cities of Russia: clubs, bars, restaurants, cafes, hotels, beautiful place where you can walk on a particular city. And I'm sure you feel calm and peace of mind and realize that it was the right choice, choose to travel to Russia.

This will be a breath of fresh air, both in the literal sense, and a fresh course in holiday planning. Toured the ancient Russian city of gold rings, you will feel the beauty of the unique historical and cultural monuments. The whole mass of hotels, inns and restaurants are divided into groups, it was convenient to themselves choose a route and then decide on the cultural program. I think any orthodox, gladly would go to the ancient little church to pray for the unseen and the peace of mind. Few in our time, often in churches with such schedule and hastening the lifestyle, the majority in the first place put the career and wealth. While traveling through the Golden Ring cities, I'm sure you can not resist the grace of churches, their forms and beautiful domes. I'm sure glad to come into the church in each city, and remain, satisfied and happy..