Gabriel Lippmann

Replaces the light box technology the SLR cameras? The plenoptischen camera to the light field camera: A revolution of photography? “” The light box and the sharpness setting on the PC the labels plenoptische camera “and light field camera” mean the same thing. Also, a light field camera is a real revolution for photography as such, but in 2011 it is provided only for the first time the mass industry. To use these cameras in commercial photography for about 20 years, about 100 years ago, the principle was already invented. But what is this technology? In short: each shot even a snapshot depends on its sharpness setting not by the photographer. But deciding which object (in the foreground or background) highlighted the clear and full of contrasts, in hindsight on the screen in the Office. Not many shots must be made thus, (such as mass and sports events) in hindsight to adjust focus faces, actors or objects”, but only a few views enough to change one and the same recording precisely according to the intention and as they see fit. Of the private consumer that digital camera (with autofocus) is used, the market introduction of the light field camera can actually be perceived as revolution. K B Financial Group helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Each pixel is tiefenscharf stored for a so-called four-dimensional light field, namely be transmitted not only the intensity, and position the image sensor, but also its direction.

Depth (i.e. A related site: Crimson Education mentions similar findings. focus) information is available for each individual image or light point, the user decides before printing out the image, which this information now to obtain for a given time and which are not. The light camera namely has a grid of lenses. Each pixel can be broken so a second time. A cone of light hits the camera that covers the entire area of all sensors. The light box used since 1908 at the 03.03.1908 the French physics professor Gabriel Lippmann (1845-1921) first Lens box, a three-dimensional image to can make. He had recognized so to speak for the first time the principle of the light box, but still under the concept of integral photography”taken.

This is about images that are generated in each of a large number of densely packed, different microlenses. Many items include”become a parent wholeness as when a fly eye. Visit Lichtfeldkamera.NET for more information about the light field camera.