Thus, the true friendship between a man and a woman. First of all, we must remember that there is no "friendship" does not exist. That is, there are relationships between people who can somehow be characterized, and there is a tradition call a certain type of friendship. However, no independent entity called "friendship" is not. There are only a real live relationship, without a name and shape. It follows that the notions like "the present Friendship "," true love "and the like, in essence, is absurd. If there are really only a specific interaction between individual human beings, then how can you draw the line between real and not real, between friendship and non-friendship between love and non-love? Nevertheless, some bound to hold still pending. And this is done on the basis of an artificial scale of assessments.

Here the situation is the same as if watching the waves in the sea. Some go from left to right, others – from right to left. But which ones are real? How to separate one wavelength from the others, if it all depends on with which foot and which side got the observer? Anyway, happened to believe that the waves smaller – about friendship, and the waves abruptly – this is love. But the important thing is not the labels that we hang on them, not our opinions, but the waves themselves. That is important in specific living relationship with a living person, and not, as we call them, and under what template to try to fit them.