Emperor Francs

Passing for Lisbon, assisted for Alexander Herculano, it investigated in the archives and the libraries Real and of the Aid, also collecting the correspondence of the Conde de Tarouca when in Utrecht. It observes OAK, 1998, P. 201 to this respect: the 15 of June of 1855, sent> Uruguay, its memory on the Rights of Brazil. Mr. His de Butenval was in charge arguing with them the pretensions of France, that had been Minister in Rio De Janeiro. In the colloquy that had in its residence with Butenval, Paolino Jose To sound of Sousa, weaveeed commentaries to the French pretension of a line east-west that took the territorial claim of the Frenchmen until the Rio Branco, for the mountain ranges of Tumucumaque and Acarai, through the British Guyana and throughout the parallels of 1 and 2 latitude degrees north. The participation of Paolino Jose To sound of Sousa, the Visconde of Uruguay, in its mission aiming at to decide in definitive the question of limits in the Amap, although to be a step given to ahead, did not result in definitive resolution of the question of limits, therefore the main divergence in relation to Mr. Butenval, French negotiator, in this chance, if gave because Emperor Francs understood that the limit of the River Araguari was only the possible one.

Was arrived to invent it a river, the Carapaporis, as ' ' branch norte' ' of the Araguari. our negotiator, offered as transaction, a limit traced for the water separator between the River Cassipor and the Oiapoque, or same following the left edge of the River Caloene. However, the Visconde did not want to breach the negotiations and wrote the Paranhos (Visconde of the Rio Branco), suggesting a mediation British. In April, it received our representative its last instructions from Rio De Janeiro. It authorizeed to Paranhos to accept it the line of the Caloene, to postpone the question of the line east-west, to look an agreement, but to give for finished the negotiation, case the Brazilian proposals were rejected.