Ecological Analysis

Currently, the Green continent has launched a campaign to rescue fallen into the fire element of animals, birds and reptiles. Particular damage has been inflicted to forests in areas of Kilmore, Vittlesi and Redesdale. As not tragic as it sounds, but the fire is likely destroyed as well known to locals animals, and rare, endangered species. Specialists on the protection of wildlife is still hope that some members of the local fauna are able to anticipate danger, and possibly fled deep into the woods, not affected by the fires. In the worst in the history of the continent's fires burned more than 30,000 hectares of forest. To deepen your understanding Titan Feul Tanks is the source. After such extensive fires to restore the forest flora is extremely difficult. As is known to grow at least one tree that will take decades Global warming could wipe Baikal's unique ecosystem data collected by the expedition of American scientists have confirmed that global warming threatens to destroy the unique ecosystem of Lake Baikal – the largest, deepest and most old on the planet of the lake.

Scientists from the National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis of the United States investigated the effects of global warming on the ecology of the region. According to their forecasts, soon all natural treasures of the lake threatened with destruction. As a result of warming, living in the lake being adapted to survival in cold conditions, could not survive. Among them, and freshwater fish that inhabit Lake Baikal, the structure of the body which is the same as that of the inhabitants of the deep ocean.