Current Scenario Management

Fall is permitted. Getting up is required. Russian Proverb generalities and considerations are a serious national situation in relation to the role that current Venezuelan companies, especially SMEs are doing, which can not be ignored and requires action to recover the operational, business productivity, where, the administrator must perform, so that generates a new management paradigm, permitting the company under his charge benefits the economic development of the country, step by actions favorable for everyone, from its human resources, consumers, shareholders, owners. In a question-answer forum Ben Horowitz was the first to reply. There is no denying that the national business scene is characterized by turbulence that has created uncertainty, risk, low-investment, especially unproductive, due to several factors, mainly the policy, driven by the current government administration has been declared socialist giving way to actions that have a significant impact on the organizational behavior of firms, specifically in SMEs, who were not prepared for it, affecting them in their operation, productivity, participation, offering products and services that contribute to the country’s economic development.

Of course, it also added the current economic crisis facing the world, which also has an impact on the country’s economy, especially, to the reality of declining oil prices, income factor in the Venezuelan economy and Moreover, for a country that has been identified with the import, export, coupled with the absence of effective productivity of the company. This invites to this gray reality, to consider what should be the role of the administrator to ensure not only the challenges, without bringing about the changes to rescue the business sector productivity, to a very different environment to which they were accustomed business and managers and where they had adapted ways of thinking and organizing, very different from what this claim, requiring new management skills, strategies, plans, actions that give way to changes to interpret the requirements the national and global scenario required to obtain favorable results for the country and its actors..