Companies Before The Renaissance – With Shopping Optimization Costs Reduce

Before the Renaissance shopping optimization reduce costs during the economic crisis were many businesses in a financial imbalance. So the company not going back into an existential situation, they respond and prevent an emergency. While some medium-sized companies, for example, with one of the leading consulting firms cooperate, specialized in procurement optimization. A company from North Rhine-Westphalia began his business more than 100 years ago as an iron foundry. In the course of time, the company restructured itself and developed into a world-renowned engineering company. A special focus is on the production of machinery for the food processing and the pharmaceutical industry. Here, the long-established company occupies a leading position. After difficulties in the past few months, in which some people unfortunately had to be laid off, now all power off is used to build on the successful times.

This she must still in different areas Cost are recognised. The purchase of the company’s optimization potential might be. Therefore, a joint project with mallet recently started consulting, a consultancy with a focus on improving procurement. The aim of cooperation between the engineering company and the project team by mallet consulting is to optimize the costs and to increase the liquidity at the same time. Sustainable measures are carried out in close cooperation with the Board of management and the purchasing management, strengthen the purchase of the company. As a result, the company can increase its Know-How and make the purchase in the future more efficient.