Coaching Supervision

After investing time to select, recruit and train a consultant would not be very wise not to give supervision adecuada.E he concept of supervision is the art of making sure that the process showed that trained him to follow in all his work Whatmustparentsdofortheirminor Lasar. No matter how well trained is the consultant and that he believes in his own abilities, we must keep in his way. Developing day-to-day tasks that allow you to become a true professional in the right direction at the right time, using the ability to motivate based on the expectations he has proposed. Consistency is one of the areas that descuidamos.Supervisamos today and tomorrow, then let loose the advisory, we leave it alone for long periods of tiempo.Algunos think that oversight is to ask the counselor at the meetings as he goes in the trabajo.Eso supervision.O not in a regular interview with prospecto.Ademas be dangerous this is quite wrong the concept of supervision. Supervision as all acts we do-and this is the most important in a successful director, must be well planned, well coordinated and well thought out, be a permanent and constant. After passing by all the recruiting work there should be no excuses for not continuing supervision in all areas. The evaluation of the weekly report, which is the X-ray activity desarrollada.Las training visits to assess the presentation of the permanent programa.Y request to present the program advisor to the director for directions. Monitoring should therefore be consistent, objective and productive.