Chevrolet – Updated Lineup

Chevrolet booth replete with world premieres. Among them, pre-production next generation Aveo. At the heart of new platform Opel Corsa. Five engines to choose from: gasoline and diesel power from 70 to 115 hp The model will appear in Europe until the end of year. Hatchback Chevrolet Cruze until the number in the list of concepts. Although all except LED optics is quite ready for mass production model.

In addition to the registration of the stern and the number of doors, it almost does not differ from eponymous saloon. Chevrolet Captiva crossover of the second generation has changed not only in appearance. He has new engines – ranging from 170 to 258 hp Masthead unit is intended exclusively for four-wheel drive versions. Russian sales start next summer. The brand-new minivan is built on a platform of Orlando passenger model Cruze.

Identical and the chassis and engines, and even interior design. Here are just a minivan more brutal appearance (a la the crossover) and three rows of seats. A also filed under latest news: 1. In South Korea, began mass trials of electric sedan Chevrolet Cruze. Cars powered by the LG Electronics and LG battery company LG Chem (supplier of batteries for the Chevrolet Voit). The tests will help developers to identify possible shortcomings in the car and weaknesses. 2. In addition to the new BMW X3, orders that have already taken, the Bavarians have presented the concept of the next generation of "six". Show car looks like serial car that is not surprising – in mid-2011 to begin its production! Coupe built on the chassis of the new "five." In the near future debut convertible 6-Series 2012 model year. 3. At first glance, the new Continental GT changed only the form of the front optics. However, it is not. In fact, the body compartment is designed entirely from scratch: All panels are completely new. Also, thoroughly, but apparently subtly different and new interior. From a technical point of the revolution also happened all, as before, but a little better. Six-liter engine became more powerful, it now produces 575 hp In normal modes up to 60% of its thrust falls on the rear axle. Time to "hundreds" was reduced to 4.6 seconds (previously was a 0.2 with more). Maximum speed, as before, is 318 km / h. Already announced that after a year will be the so-called eco-friendly version of the model. It will be equipped with a more modest engine capacity of about 4.0 liters. Obviously, and that the fuel consumption of the coupe will be much lower.