Central Council

This is especially true of the Boxer, which is one of the breeds considered most evolved in the sense that is far removed from the Wolf, both in its physical appearance as psychological. -Up to 6 months of age: Sociabilizacion-este is a key period in the psychological development of a dog. It is the time in which a puppy learns what it means to be a dog, what is your family and what is your position within it (the last). The bad experiences during this period may affect the personality of the dog permanently. Throughout this phase your boxer puppy must be exposed to the maximum possible number of positive experiences (socialization): people, dogs, other animals, cars, noise, etc.

Try to avoid all those can be a bad experience: aggressive dogs, people who can mistreat it, etc. – education Basica-el Central Council is that it should be treated to the puppy with affection, but also with firmness and consequence. You should never to allow you what is not willing to allow him of lifetime, is inflexible in this otherwise become an animal capricious and uncomfortable. A dog well educated and under control does not produce problems, and becomes an animal that gives great satisfaction. The boxer is an intelligent and highly trainable dog with a minimum of dedication and education becomes in an animal that is a pleasure to live. Praise and pet your dog whenever it well, make something even can give you something to eat as a prize. Scold him unless you do something bad with a strong NO.

If not is not enough as correction (not you is impressive) it must be accompanied by something more forceful as a dry pull of the belt or a neck shake. It is very important that both praise and corrections are made at the exact moment of the action. Just at the moment of action, not minutes or even seconds later, because the Puppy already not pair.