Casimir Funk

It is our task to prevent such violations. This is the meaning of the organization healthy eating and healthy lifestyles. And, remember, I said that our body can not synthesize vitamins, and do they have with natural products. It is alive with natural products created nature, not in pill form. Chemicals nothing to do with healthy eating or a healthy lifestyle do not have. Chemical analogues of natural products are dead. Possible to synthesize vitamins, can be synthesize proteins and carbohydrates, but to create out of these ‘unique’ life is impossible. Take the case of grain – of vitamin E in it so much, vitamin C – so much, vitamin C – so much, but it is until it sleeps.

But the same grain beginning prorostat – and number in it the same vitamins has increased by 3-4 times, and the properties of these same vitamins has different: in the use of their man, the rate of metabolic and chemical processes in the body increases considerably – it is a living the body loses its life force to another living organism! And we propose to replace something that already created by nature, it is inconceivable to the mind wonder – replaced with a simple chemical analog – a tablet? Not seriously. Yes, and Casimir Funk and those others who created the first chemical analogues of natural vitamins, probably horrified to learn that their child does not save a person in a desperate situation critical, but simply helps the clever businessmen to extort from the people money. And if you my ‘lirichksky’ sample did not produce any effect, I propose to reflect on these dry statistics. In the last 60-70 years, in parallel with an increase in consumption of artificial vitamins growing number of oncology, cardiovascular, allergic and other diseases, with approximately the same proportion. I do not want to say that this is due to the use of synthetic vitamins.

Rather, the point another – we were convinced that they can replace natural vitamins created by nature, synthesized by living organisms, but unfortunately it is not. Artefact can never replace natural, whether it is vitamins, proteins, fats or carbohydrates. Artificial analogues are dead, and man needs food to live. But nothing of the living person is not yet established – no one even the simplest single-celled organism. Therefore, to compete with nature to us too early! A way out of this one – to eat only natural products are not contaminated with any chemistry, by nature, grown in clean soil soil, under the rays of this sun ie try to eat as our ancestors ate, and their grandparents, etc. Only then I can see the path to health and longevity, is the essence of a healthy diet and healthy lifestyle.