Business Packages

How many packs per day passes through your hands, not believed? Try to find it at your leisure. You meet bags are everywhere: at home, in shops, at work. During the day we can count 5-10. And how many are kept in the kitchen, on the door handle or kitchenette under the seat? We perceive the packets as part of the goods as container, but not business. But making this package business, and even some profitable. Let's calculate how much will be profitable this type of business, as production packages.

For production we need the space, equipment, raw materials, stock, market. Calculations will be carried out sample, hoping to minimize the cost-income. Equipment for the production plastic bags are streamlined, ready-made raw materials and plastic bags also take up little space, that is quite suitable premises about 30kv m. The cost of equipment. One machine for the manufacture of plastic bags worth 50 000ue. Multiply the sum by 2 (the cost of raw materials, accommodation, incidental expenses, the probability of buying 2 machines for the manufacture of packages), get 100 000ue. Barrier to entry seems to be very high, but let's draw up until the end rough business plan.

Let's say we bought equipment, began the production of packages and released the first batch. It remains to find a buyer for our product. Our potential clients – it is shops and market traders. In the city population of 100 000 of about 100 stores, 2 of the market for 100 outlets in each of 5 stores (or shopping centers). Total 300 clients. Plus, district and nearby town, just, say, 500. According to rough estimates, each outlet spends a month in 1000 packages. We get a monthly need for plastic bags of 500 000. And somewhere sellers buy these bags, so why do not they buy them from you? Approximate cost of one package is less than 1 ruble. Sale packages usually comes in bulk of 100 pieces.