Bank Deposits. Departing Train .

You can not underestimate the bank deposits. Contributions – this is probably the safest way of investment, especially since it is guaranteed by the state, in contrast to other methods of investing. Mutual funds, stock and currency exchanges, etc. do not give you no guarantee that you will earn on it: you can stay at a loss, if not ruined. In the case of bank deposit you will always get their money plus interest. Even if the bank is destroyed, then the state insurance company will return your money. Bank deposit guaranteed by the state in an amount not to exceed 700 thousand rubles, so if the amount is large, better keep your money in several banks, so that your contribution plus the expected interest in each bank does not exceed 700 thousand rubles. In 2009, many were able to make good money on deposit, the more so for the first time deposit rates have exceeded inflation.

Banks during the past year to raise interest Rates and went to great lengths to attract money for deposits. On contributions could earn up to 18% in rubles and up to 12% in dollars and euros. The conditions were such that to remove part of the amount or even the entire amount before the expiry of paid contribution could without loss of interest, not to mention the fact that contributions have been updated and with a monthly cap, which only increases their attractiveness and profitability. But as time goes on, and train with high deposit rates had gone.