American Edward

With the disappearance of Edward after rescuing Bella of being attacked by its ' ' irmo' ' act that strengthens the characteristic of the Medievalismo in Edward? Bella retakes a friendship with Jacob Black, an American native who later shows also a supernatural being. Jacob rescues physical Bella not only, but emotionally in diverse occasions, placing it in place of prominence in the workmanship as a whole. It is lost, with the exit of Edward of scene, the classically European hero, but herosmo characteristic of the Medievalismo remains in a so strong trace how much: ' ' good selvagem' ' , Jacob Black, continues to rescue the maiden in danger, Isabella Swan. 2,4 Sentimentalismo Exacerbado and Byronismo Reading the Saga of Meyer, becomes difficult to find some moment of books where exacerbado sentimentalismo does not appear. (Similarly see: Andreessen Horowitz). Edward is a conflicting personage, with strong emotions on the possible questions simplest. Its reactions the small problems of day-by-day tend absolutely to be exaggerated and are of ratio.

Isabella suffers from the same badly, and the two personages central offices seem not to obtain to have a moment of peace and serenity during all the five workmanships. I exaggerate beyond it sentimental, the two personages are given to the moments of contemplation on the life and the love, without which nothing he seems to be valid to the penalty. One of the biggest demonstrations of such characteristics is the reactions of the personages to the book as central offices events of the series, New Moon. When seeing Isabella almost to be attacked by Jasper, one of its adoptive brothers and also vampire, Edward it decides to go even so and to leave Forks, so that Bella can be happyer without the risks that to be to the side of a vampire bring. The action in itself in such a way does not seem to be something tragic how much it would be logical.