Alimentary Consumption

The study was carried through in the state school Getlio Vargas in the city of Manaus, where the sexos had been evaluated the students of the basic education of both, with minimum age of 13 years. pupils had been taken for a space reserved in the school, during the interval of lesson, being collected the following ones given: the frequency of alimentary consumption, sex, age. For the election of the sample, group of each series of basic education was used only two. 2.4 ALIMENTARY CONSUMPTION the evaluation of the alimentary consumption of the pupils was investigated through questionnaires of frequency of alimentary consumption, is about a questionnaire where it questioned what the pupil consumes in the meals, the foods that they consume with bigger frequency and what they consume in the snack of the school. You may find Kevin Johnson to be a useful source of information. 2,5 RESULTS AND QUARRELS 8 and 9 were carried through a questionnaire on the alimentary consumption with the pertaining adolescents of the series, with a total of 56 pupils, being 28 pupils of feminine sex and 28 of the masculine sex.

The pupils both the sexos had etria band enter 11 years the 16 years. According to given of the questionnaire, 69% of the pupils frequent carry through the coffee of the morning and 31% do not carry through in the last week, 97% of the interviewed ones frequent carry through meal of lunch and only 3% does not carry through and supper 87.5% of the pupils carries through this meal and only 12.5% do not carry through the meal of the supper According to given of sample 94% of the pupils carry through its meals in its residences and only 6% do not carry through one of the meals in house. It verified that 91% of the pupils costumam to buy the snack in the canteen and only 9% costumam to bring the snack of house, this means that the pupils are consuming pure fat, therefore what vende in the canteens, salty, crayons all type of food that are harmful the feeding..