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Presidency Administration

Destaforma, the Direct Administration of the Federal Executive is composed for serviosintegrados in the administrative structure of the Presidency of the Republic and the dosMinistrios. We consider, however, that the legislator was not happy to aodefinir this type of Administration in the Decree in the 200/67, therefore, of acordocom the legal device, ' ' Direct […]

Alimentary Consumption

The study was carried through in the state school Getlio Vargas in the city of Manaus, where the sexos had been evaluated the students of the basic education of both, with minimum age of 13 years. pupils had been taken for a space reserved in the school, during the interval of lesson, being collected the […]

SDA Tickets

After a few seconds will be given a list of machines relevant parameters. Please visit Kevin Johnson if you seek more information. As a result, the choice is absolutely the entire responsibility on the shoulders of each person who wants to become the full owner of the car. What gets a person who buys the […]


In the year of 1726, Ours Lady of the Deportation was raised to the category of village, from its dismemberment of Lagoon. Days Old she finished falecendo at the hands of pirates and the town that she established almost disappeared, being that in 1712 only 147 people, excluding the indians, liveed in the place. Caterpillar […]


In comparison to the other species of animals, the human being is what it is born less mature and what delays more to develop itself. Had to this, the attachment behavior also it takes more time to appear of what in the other animals. Of general form, babies of three months of age already answer […]