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Buyers Sales Manager

Under construction sales mean a set of measures, having carried out which employees of firms pose a constant customer base, increase the income of the company through repeat sales. By adopting this or that measure, we can predict expected results. In business, building sales can more accurately determine the needs of any potential customer, what […]

Cleaning Services

By the way, interesting to know what the standards of office cleaning premises for the staff of cleaning companies in Moscow. During the eight-hour shift employee cleaning company in the middle is obliged to remove the 200-700 square meters. M of office space, or 400-1 500 square meters. M shopping area, or 400-3 000 square […]

Prague Czech Republic

A pilot project in the Czech Republic. A foreign citizen apply for a residence permit in the Czech Republic under an employment contract with a Czech employer and received a long-term work visa ( 60 internal classification) can count on quickly obtaining permanent residence in the Czech Republic using the "Pilot Project for the Czech […]